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The colors; yellow, blue and red, the stars and the sun are inspired from the Philippine flag as proud Filipinos making mark in the world of unique entertainment. The incorporation of the face silhouettes speaks about the kind of artistry the organization is known for worldwide.


EL GAMMA PENUMBRA means: Gamma the ray of light that the team exudes in the realm of artistry and Penumbra the shadow as the main unique medium used to bring out the new light to the world of aesthetic theatrical performance.



Gamma the ray of light that the team exudes in the realm of artistry and Penumbra the shadow as the main unique medium used to bring out the new light to the world of aesthetic theatrical performance.


The organization: 

A group of young artists which specializes in shadow -theater. Customizes shadow audio visual presentations for corporate events, religious functions, government affairs, private gatherings, public concerts, music videos for television, and social media video uploads.

It focuses on periodically creating world class entertainment that satisfies the diverse taste of audiences.



Being the first Got Talent Grand Winner in Asia, our mission is to deliver pure and unique entertainment and to ensure that shadow arts is always a sensible and worthy experience, with honesty and integrity in every creative brief that we do.


As the first ever group of shadow artist in the country, our vision is to widen our knowledge to this artistry and become an institution in the field of unique cultural and commercial entertainment of today and the future to come. We also aim to put the Filipino artistry again with high regards in the world stage. 

The Story to Fame

- The team is known for its heartwarming performances through the content it has in each piece heartily created. Most of those are of noble universal messages of love, culture and nature like the winning repertoire they showcased on the stage of Asia’s Got Talent. No doubt it was the factor that appealed the judges and voters alike. Hence was hailed the first grand winner of AGT in 2015 at the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

- and talents in dancing or can at least do some little groove. In a small city of Tanauan, Province of Batangas Southwest of Luzon, where majority of the members were born and registered residents, the dream has begun. Though none of them has undergone formal trainings in dancing, the team was persistent to learn and was a consistent contestant in various dance competitions. But those many competitions were never thought to be the actual training grounds and had paved the way of hopeful boys to stardom.

- Thinking about joining the ABS–CBN (a local TV Network) franchised reality TV show “Pilipinas Got Talent” in 2010 , the whole group decided to incorporate shadow into dancing. They thought of the medium as an advantage being a new act to get noticed by both the audience and the jurors. El Gamma Penumbra understood well the focal idea and how the game has to be played in reality shows on TV – the first in the market idea. Preparations were tough and becoming tougher every day which includes brainstorming for a shadow act concept thought of as something new and medium to develop that brought the team to “ a dream come true” to perform on National Television. Every single member believed this could make their way to fame. The uniqueness itself has the edge in terms of performing arts. The latter was followed by nightly rehearsals of trials and errors in achieving proper techniques for choreography, formulating amazing shadow formations with seamless sequence transitions and writing universally appealing story lines. As a result of hard work and sheer talent is a promising piece for their first audition. All the routines and blocking humbly happened in a public basketball court at night after basketball players are off the court after the games. At first, they tried to experiment with no idea at all which proper equipment to use. The team sorted out on an old unprinted tarpaulin for the screen and a halogen light for the rays. It went well though, and it never became bad for a beginner in shadow arts.


Pilipinas Got Talent Journey ”Our Dream”

– In 2010, they were given Three “Yeses” by the celebrity jurors after being awed and blown away by their piece performed in the audition. After which they went into the semi-finals, and again amazed the jurors and this time with the live theater audience and TV viewers worldwide alike who voted the team to advance in the final night. Yes indeed the team has made it to perform in the finals which turn out to be not in their favor. The night was quite emotional for the group feeling that their dream has ended on that very night.

Little did they know that losing the local talent competition was the very start of a professional entertainment career and their ticket to a bigger stage. For five years, the team claimed a prize of a career in the country performing on events of companies in major cities and provinces. Also it has received various awards from different award giving bodies for the music video “Piliin Mo Ang Pilipinas “, an ABS-CBN produced version of music video being loved on social media that it came viral for quite a time.

Asia's Got Talent…“Chances are“

It is truly in the blood and heart of El Gamma Penumbra to never stop dreaming for ”chances are…” One happy afternoon of July 5, 2014, the team received an invitation to audition in the up-coming Asia’s Got Talent. In September 28, 2014, they took the same chances and hopes in the audition at SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia. This time, they are with spirit more ardent and hungry to get themselves on the international stage and be hailed the “Best” in Asia.


Record breaker:

Judges audition: Golden Buzzer (pressed by Anggun ,Indonesian Singing Superstar in Europe)

Venue: Pinewood Iskandar Studio, Johor Malaysia

Performance Story: A simple but lasting love story in which the couple merely enjoyed their journey as lovers by travelling over scenic places, and landmarks around the world. It told about the power of true love and what it can make if two hearts honestly collide to enjoy every precious moment to be remembered by when you both come to age.

Performance status: Advance straight to the semi-finals.

Juror Comments: Vaness Wu - “For El Gamma Penumbra, I love how you guys told the stories beautifully and it was just so wonderful to see you live and up close. Thank you so much for that job”.


Semi-finals: Golden Buzzer ( Pressed by the 4 judges; Melanie C of Spice girls, Vaness Wu of Flower Four, Anggun, Indonesian singing superstar, and David Foster, Hit maker.

Venue: MastetCard Theater, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

Performance Story: The key message is a call for “World Peace”. Its inspiration was the “Fallen 44“ tragedy happened in the country and other related conflicts across the globe. When it was felt even in this simple way, we can send the message of peace to stop wars between communities, between religions, and between nations. And rather advocate love and respect for all human races.

Performance status: Advance straight to the Grand Finals

Jurors Comments: 

David Foster - “ I live in a box where I make music. And tonight I’m outside of my box And saw something moving and magical, it was so amazing.
Melanie C - “I really wondered where you guys could go from the audition. 
Anggun’s: Golden Buzzer is an incredible performer. You moved everybody”


Grand Finals: Grand Winner (First ever Asia’s Got Talent)

Venue: Mastercard Theater, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

Performance story: To the tune of Disney’s Colors of the Wind. This finale act was our little tribute to Mother Nature in a hope of sending the message and may somehow move the spirits of the world especially our countrymen. As it is also a fact that our beloved Philippines is one of the places which is most affected by the adverse change of climate every time Mother Nature returns her wrath. We were deeply in grief to face the truth that this is actually happening from time to time across our Philippine islands. The piece was created with all our hearts and souls because we care for the future of the next generation. Nature is life which we are part of. Thus, the team deems Mother Nature as our vital responsibility.

Performance status: Grand Prize Piece.

Judge Comment: 

Anggun - “What really makes me fall in love with you, with your performance is the fact that the possibility of messages is endless. And tonight, you raised awareness of the importance of Mother Nature. Our job as entertainers, if we can put subject that really matters that makes our job noble. “



El Gamma Penumbra was chosen to be a part of the Philippine tourism campaign 'Choose Philippines'. Due to their ability to be able to deliver a message through their shadow acts. They were chosen in hopes to strengthen the campaign's mission in promoting the Philippines.[30] During their stay in Asia's Got Talent season 1, the four judges had always been commenting about El Gamma Penumbra's message-filled performances. Particularly, Indonesian judge Anggun mentioned: "Our job as entertainers, if you can raise awareness on important issues, like Mother Nature and animals, that will make our job more noble," after their last performance in the show.[31] After winning, Negrense artist Charlie Co cited El Gamma Penumbra as a group who inspired people all around the world to contribute to the society's welfare through their talents and art.

In an interview, El Gamma Penumbra admitted that it had always been a challenge to think of a fresh and meaningful concept for their next performance saying: "It's really hard because we have different cultures and we have to touch their hearts. So, we have to think of concepts that are universal so that everyone will understand."[33] In addition, they are also devoted in exhibiting their performances well that their practices usually left them sleep deprived. According to the group's creative head, they dedicated their 22 hours to rehearse and used the remaining two hours for sleeping at the dance studio during Asia's Got Talent.



Even before the competition in Asia’s Got Talent, El Gamma Penumbra has been constantly sharing their blessings through donations to the Home for the Elderly, particularly to the Sta. Ana-San Joaquin Bahay Ampunan in Tanauan City. It is a small institution devoted to keeping abandoned old women whom the team still tries to visit from time to time. In addition, the group is planning to set up a shadow dance studio for less fortunate kids in hopes to encourage them develop their talents and be proud, happy and productive in their youth instead of wasting them into drugs. The team is also devoted in performing in religious functions for free whenever they receive invitations. In their hearts, it is the best way to return all the blessings to HIM. The team believes, after all, they owe it all to God. So to HIM, be all the glory!


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